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Considering Owning a Franchise?

Being a franchisee is loaded with various types of decisions and transactions.  Not only do these decisions and transactions have important legal consequences to them, they play an integral part in how a franchisee operates their franchise(s) and their ultimate business plan.  Gertsburg Law’s lead franchise attorney, Chris Zirke is not only an attorney, but he was also a multi-concept franchisee for 10 years.

Any potential franchisee or current franchisee is generally concerned with three things:  1) how do you start, 2) how do you open, operate and grow, and 3) how do you exit (sell).  At Gertsburg Law, we understand each phase of being a franchisee and we offer specific transaction services in the most cost-efficient manner.  Our passion is to help the franchisee, because we have been a franchisee.

Contact Chris Zirke at Gertsburg Law Firm for more information.

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