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If you are a golfer that has been struggling with your standard progressives during your game, we can help!

There is a lens designed especially for you and your game. The lens is made with three zones specifically tailored to the needs of golfers that maximize your viewing. These areas are:

1) the Scorecard
     Maximize you near vision

2) the Ball Zone
     Your vision is increased at the mid level which has a very stable zone to allow for less head tilt and better side to side vision for a more accurate drive or putt.
      When lining up the shot, you need to see out the side of your lenses at the same time as looking at the ball to line up your shot. This lens provides the all important clear peripheral vision

3) and the Fairway
      Your distance vision is set to give you edge to edge viewing.

Come visit us at Beachwood Family Eye Care today to find out more!

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