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Why do I need to see the eye doc to get contact lenses?

We hear this question a lot. "Why do I need to see an eye doctor to get contact lenses?" Many people are tempted to obtain contact lenses from questionable resources especially during Halloween season. Of course we want our patients to wear contact lenses and have access to them. However, as eye care professionals, our utmost concern is the safety and health of your eyes. Being fitted for contact lenses by an eye care professional ensures that and allows you to still have fun with colors if you so desire.

During a fitting process, we make sure you are able to safely insert and remove the contact lens if you have never worn contact lenses before. We check that the contact lens fits properly on your eye and gives you optimal vision. We make sure that we select a lens that is healthy for your eyes and doesn't exacerbate any existing eye conditions you may have. If you are new to a particular contact lens, you get to test drive the lens doing your usual everyday activities before finalizing on your contact lens prescription. We don't want you to invest in a supply of contact lenses that you aren't happy with! One of our favorite parts of the contact lens fitting process is listening to your visual needs and choosing a lens that meets your needs and your lifestyle.

Although contact lenses can be used for cosmetic reasons, we want to make sure that your eyes remain healthy while looking fabulous!

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